Project Description

Delivered August 2020

Concord Fire Protection District

Paducah, KY
The Concord Fire Protection District covers a very dry area, 35% of the district does not have water hydrants to pull from. With their new tanker, they have added an additional 2,000 gallons of water into their arsenal to supply their firefighters when they respond to areas know as “non-hydrant” districts. Aside from water supply, the T40 will also be used for rescue operations and also help them better assist departments they serve alongside!
Thank You Chief Bob McGowan and all the firefighters at CFPD for your purchase!
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Truck Features

  • Swivel Dump

  • Telescoping Deck Gun

  • Fireman’s Friend Fill Valve

  • EZ-Climb Ladder

  • Swing-Out Tool Boards

  • Slide-In Rear Dump Tank

  • Hot-Dipped Galvanized Sub-Frame

  • 1,500 GPM Hale Pump

  • 2,000 Gallon Poly Tank