Project Description

Delivered July 2019

American Township Fire Department

Elida, OH
American Township is located in the western part of Allen County Ohio. The Fire Department was established in 2007 after previously being the Elida Community Fire Company. American Township has two stations that are staffed around the clock with 26 fulltime personnel. Covering 30.07 square miles and provide fire and ems services to surrounding Amanda, Marion, and Sugar Creek Twp. along with the Village of Elida.
Thank you, Chief Tom Hadding and all the firefighters at ATD for your purchase!
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Truck Features

  • Warrior Cab & Chassis with 8″ Raised Roof

  •  Hot Dipped Galvanized Sub-Frame

  • 1,000 Gallon Booster Tank

  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Frame Rails

  •  EZ-Climb Ladder

  • 10KW Hydraulic Generator

  • CT Aluminum Body

  • 1,500 GPM Pump

  • Light Tower