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Truckman's Choice Rescue Chainsaw
Truckman's Choice Rescue Chainsaw
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Truckman’s Choice Fire-Rescue Chainsaws

Professional Grade Powerheads

Using professional-level 71cc & 88cc powerheads built by Husqvarna®, these engines are the ideal combination of high power and low weight. They have exceptional high torque, over a wide rpm range. Combined with the West Coast Filter & Velocity Stack, our engines will run longer in the heat and smoke and give you 10% more power than the stock Husqvarna® chainsaw. 

Bullet Raker Carbide Tipped Ventilation Chain

Protects the specially designed carbide cutter with a raker shaped like a bullet. Combined with a narrow gullet, this design increases durability and safety over traditional wide gullet chains. (Single and Dual Raker Carbide Chains available.)

Solid Steel Alloy Guide Bar

High strength alloy solid steel with flame hardened chain rails, forged for extreme cutting conditions.

One-Step Starting

Simple & Reliable starting procedure for today’s firefighters.

Full-Wrap Handle

Allows the operator to cut safer in more positions. It also functions as a
chain catcher.

Scrench Tool

Multi-Tool mounted right on the saw to remove the spark plug and adjust the chain.

Bullet Raker Carbide Tipped Ventilation Chain
Bullet Raker Chain
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Dual Raker Chain
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Single Raker Carbide Tipped Chain
Single Raker Chain
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Bullet Raker Carbide-Tipped Chain
  • Highly Durable on Multi-Layer Roof Decks & Lightweight Sheet Metals.
  • Ultra-Low Kickback
    (Certified Test Results, ISO9518 by SMP)
  • Economical to Repair.
    • Wood Rating: C-
    • Roof Ventilation: A
    • Demolition Rating: A
Dual Raker Carbide-Tipped Chain
  • High Quality Chain For Cutting Wood & Other Lightweight Building Materials.
  • Highly Durable on Multi-Layer Roof Decks & Lightweight Sheet Metals.
    • Wood Rating: B
    • Roof Ventilation: B
    • Demolition Rating: B
Single Raker Carbide-Tipped Chain
  • Best Chain For Cutting Wood & Lightweight Building Materials.
  • Highly Durable on Single-Layer Roof Decks.
  • Can Be Sharpened Up To 3 More Times Than Standard Carbide Chains.
    • Wood Rating: A
    • Roof Ventilation: C
    • Demolition Rating: B

When Edge Industries® closed, we decided to step up and become your source for Fire Rescue Chainsaws. As a former Cutters Edge® East Coast service center with over 20 years of experience, we know what it takes to provide you the product and the service you have come to expect. We will uphold that standard.

Truckman’s Choice Fire-Rescue Chainsaws are built with the same quality original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts that made Cutters Edge® chainsaw so reliable.

Compare our Truckman’s Choice Fire-Rescue Chainsaws to the Cutters Edge® chainsaw you already have in service. We know you’ll be satisfied. If you are a new customer, then get ready to own the saw that started it all and still today has more modifications than any other ventilation saw on the market.

Cutters Edge is a registered trademark of Edge Industries. Truckman’s Choice and Eastern Fire Equipment Services are not associated with either Cutters Edge or Edge Industries.

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