Res-Q-Jack Stabilization Struts

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Heavy Duty Struts

These words are printed on an 8-foot sign in our manufacturing facility in Elmira, NY as a reminder of what rides on our products.  Our employees, many of whom have served as volunteer responders, know the importance of the products we produce, and this shows in all we do.

We build each rescue strut by hand in our shop, from proven and predictable materials.  From hand-welds to high-end machining, all of our struts are built with care, and inspected and tested to ensure years of performance in the field.


Through first-hand experience in the field and have been refined to suit the needs of responders through communication with responders. Our philosophy is simple: “Simple tools, advanced training.”  We believe in providing responders with tools that are as intuitive as they are effective, and providing in-depth training to maximize effectiveness in the field.

We’ve kept our products simple for a reason.  We want responders to be confident and successful using our tools.  We don’t use complicated hydraulics, unpredictable “space-age” plastics, or overly-complex set-ups.


We design our struts to be user-friendly, effective and dependable.  We choose materials for strength and predictability, and we design our systems to be simpler, yet more capable than more complex equipment.  We design our struts to be ready to go, right off the truck, to save time when it matters most.

While our tools are intuitive by design, we also believe a great rescue tool is only as good as the training behind it.  That’s why when your department purchases from Res-Q-Jack, we provide free in-service training, at your facility, on both our equipment and techniques.

From basic set-ups, to advanced techniques, Res-Q-Jack is committed to training your department until you are comfortable using our products.  Understanding our pioneering stabilization and lifting techniques will help your success in the field.


We pride ourselves on being an approachable company who cares about the responders who use our tools just as much as the reason they use them.

You won’t find any phone trees at Res-Q-Jack, no automated lines, and no run-around.  We’re here for our customers when they need us and will do our best to help any way we can.  From free demonstrations and training to customized products, we want you to have the best tools and the best training to do your job.

We’re small enough to be reachable and provide individual attention, but with a vast network of hand-selected dealers who believe as much in our brand as we do, we’re big enough to be there with training and support, wherever you’re located.

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